Jarek Lipski
Freelance Full-Stack Developer

Hi! I am a freelance software developer, lean & agile enthusiast and open source software fan.

I also contribute to free / open source software. For the last couple of years I have been developing Sojourner – a companion app for FOSDEM conference. I currently experiment with in-context web editor project written in Alpine.js. More details are coming soon. I also wrote a little Docker volume backup utility that has become quite popular.

A while ago I was studying natural language processing and created two tools and wrote two papers: a regex rule-based sentence splitter called segment (see paper) and a bilingual sentence aligner called mALIGNa (see paper).

You can find me on LinkedIn and Mastodon. I share code on Github and I write articles on Medium. You can email me at hello@jareklipski.com or meet me at FOSDEM.

I was born in Poland and I live in France. I speak English, French and Polish.